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Latest scores for the Berri Golf Club

Date played Competition Sponsor Winner Second Third
11-11-2017 Stableford Wayne Thiele 41pts Derek Howes 37pts Laura Seddon 35pts
08-11-2017 Stableford Gerry Parker 37pts John Penna 34pts Paul Wood 32pts
05-11-2017 Stableford Jason Stone 43pts Kai Buckler 37pts Phil Ayling 35pts
04-11-2017 Stableford Ann-Marie Crease 39pts Paull Cummins 38pts Laura Seddon 37pts
01-11-2017 Stableford Andrew Hume 38pts Richard Keightley 37pts Ian McHugh 37pts
28-10-2017 Stableford Mark Wilksch 41pts Ann-Marie Crease 38 pts G. Parkeer 37pts
25-10-2017 Stableford Allan Dand 42pts Ian McHugh 40pts Paull Cummins 36pts
21-10-2017 Stableford Les Campbell c/b 38pts Ann-Marie Crease 38pts Paull Cummins 37pts
18-10-2017 Stableford Rod George c/b 36pts Ian McHugh 36pts Richard Keightley 30pts
14-10-2017 Stableford Ron Nagy 41pts Michael Boon c/b 38pts Rob Day 38pts
08-10-2017 Stableford Geoff Harris 37pts Michael Boon 36pts Dallas Zeliff 34pts
07-10-2017 Stableford Richard Keightley 41pts Paull Cummins c/b 37pts Les Campbell 37pts
04-10-2017 Stableford Michael Jennings 35pts Ian McHugh 34pts Ron George 33pts
02-10-2017 Par Mark Wilksch c/b +2 Ian McHugh +2 Paull Cummins 0
01-10-2017 Stableford Michael Boon 41pts Tracey McHugh 37pts Ian McHugh 36pts
30-09-2017 Stableford Les Campbell 40pts Chris Berry 39pts Sandra Tyndale 37pts
24-09-2017 Berri Open Championship Greg Rhodes 78-73 151 Ian McHugh 84-77 161
24-09-2017 Berri Open Mens A Grade Handicap Rob Day 152 Corey Foreman 155
24-09-2017 Berri Open Mens B Grade Neville Kelly 179 Rob Sully 183
24-09-2017 Berri Open B Grade Handicap John Reynolds 156 Andy Hawthorne c/b 164 Simon Fry 164
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