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Latest scores for the Berri Golf Club

Date played Competition Sponsor Winner Second Third
25-06-2017 Mixed Foursomes Handicap John Penna & Sue Gore 71.5 Brian & Sandra Tyndale 75
25-06-2017 Mixed Foursomes Championship Chris & Louise Berry 86 Rob Sully & Trish Vogel 89
24-06-2017 Ladies Stableford Louise Berry 38pts Jill Parker 37pts Sandra Tyndale 35pts
24-06-2017 Mens Stableford Les Campbell 40pts Brian Tyndale c/b 36pts Ryan Dale 36pts
22-06-2017 2 Day Veterans Championship Ladies Berri Caravan Park Lyn Smith c/b 69pts Judy Curran 69pts
22-06-2017 2 Day Veterans Championship Mens Berri Caravan Park Dallas Zeliff 71pts John Penna 70pts Wayne Thiele 69pts
22-06-2017 Ladies Veterans Stableford Louise Berry 35pts Jill Parker 35pts
22-06-2017 Mens Veterans Stableford Ron Nagy 39pts Chris Berry 35pts
19-06-2017 Ladies Veterans Stableford Sue Gore 33pts Pam Packer c/b 29pts Kaye Tanner 29pts
19-06-2017 Mens Veterans Stableford Wayne Thiele 38pts Neville Wait c/b 35pts B. Packer 35pts
18-06-2017 Stableford Ron Nagy 35pts Sandra Tyndale 34pts Gino Tognon 32pts
17-06-2017 Stableford Ryan Dale 38pts Derek Howes 36pts Lyn Smith 35pts
14-06-2017 Stableford Jim Rosenthal 41pts Dean Dawson 37pts Paul Mudge 36pts
12-06-2017 Stableford Ian McHugh 37pts Les Campbell 36pts Derek Howes 35pts
11-06-2017 Stableford Ian McHugh 35pts John Penna 34pts
10-06-2017 Ladies Stableford Jill Parker 44pts Louise Berry 38pts Lindy Mudge 36pts
10-06-2017 Mens Stableford Paul Mudge c/b 38pts Ryan Dale 38pts Derek Howes 36pts
04-06-2017 Par 3 Championship - Ladies Tracey McHugh 65 Strokes Libby Dawson 69 Strokes H/C Winner Lindy Mudge 65/39
04-06-2017 Par 3 Championship - Mens Corey Foreman 59 Strokes Jim Rosenthal 61 Strokes H/C Winner Brian Tyndale 69/42
03-06-2017 Combined 2 person Ambrose Ryan Dale / Stephan Cronje Gross 70 / Nett 64 Paul Wood / Phil Ayling 74/65 Kym Traeger / Richard Keightley 72/66
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