Berri Golf Club has a long tradition of bringing on outstanding juniors through the ranks.

Golf is a sport that can be played throughout life from the age of 5 to 85 or beyond so if you want to enjoy the challenge and the camaraderie of a club then golf is for you.

Our junior coaches are experienced and motivated. They provide more than just coaching as they set fun and games to develop your skills and test you out.

Coaching is held on Sunday mornings during school terms at 9am meeting at the Proshop. Cost is only $5 which goes to rewards and treats to keep you up to it.

Come and join the fun. You don’t need clubs or balls – just sensible dress, shoes, a hat and sunscreen.

Mum's and Dad's Special Deal

Mum’s and Dad’s are encouraged to come along and participate in the fun.

We have a special deal where if the junior pays their membership subscription then their parents can play with them free of charge any time (of course this only applies to paid up juniors and parents playing with their children).

Want to know more – just phone Lynn Smith 0418 411 491

Read our Child Safe policies attached below

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